What to wear to your family session

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Hellooooo!!!!! I'm so excited that you have decided to book a session with me! If you really want a stress free experience Click Here to find my person who will DRESS YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY FOR FREE!!!! If you decide you want to go the solo route, here are some tips to get you through picking.

In the summer whites, creams, browns, and blues. But organic colors like that are kind of my thing all year long :) Here's a photo of this years family scheme:

Whites and blues. We went a little more formal this year which threw my husband off but my girl's loved every minute of getting all dolled up!

Here's some other samples with a base of neutral with a little pop of color for all of you color lovers!

In the fall: along with earth tones, fall colors never get old. That being said, I mean burgundy, navy, hunter green, and mustard yellow just to make sure we're all on the same page.

The trick is to not have anyone wearing the same thing and not put too many over powering patterns in there.

I love timeless and classic, organic and flowy. Things to look for when you're picking out outfits.


-Flowy: You can't go wrong with flowy. For you or your girls. Maxi dresses for women are all of the rage. It lets movement and feeling into the images we create. But for children too. Can my baby spin a good twirl in that dress? Will she dance like she's a ballerina and twirl with wonder? Movement, connection, and emotion is just what i'm trying to make my brand.

-Texture: A crocheted romper or cardigan, a lacey dress, even satin and tulle make for some pretty amazing textures and wonderful twirling material.

-Acessories: little pixie bonnets, floral crowns, these are perfect for your little ones and all the rage.

If you are feeling nervous about your set-up though, send me a message or text and i'll help you figure it out!

Some of my favorite place to shop for Women:






for children:






ABOVE ALL: Choose what you are comfortable in. Because if you're not comfortable you're (or your children) aren't going to be happy.

To get kids excited about your session, involve them in the process of picking out clothes. Let a child choose a special accessory or if they have something dear to them such as a comfort object, allow them to bring it along. It helps tell a story.


-anything with logos or pictures. Logos make your timeless photos go straight to this year. In twenty years looking back your cousin's nephew is going to look at your family photo album and say, "Hey! That looks like its from 2018!!! Am I right? AM I RIGHT???" And you will be embarrassed.

-Any kind of shirt with TINY lines or plaids. ya know those hypnotizing things you used to look at as a kid that were black and white and when you stared and them too long the lines were "moving"? well thats what happens when you wear those. Don't do it.

If you get to choosing your outfits and you're not too sure which shirt for your little boys goes better with your attire , send me a picture! I will be glad to help you out! That is part of my job and I love doing it!

Here's a few more for good measure ;)

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