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this year's family session 2023

This year i dropped the ball and didn't get to the blooming fields in time for my own personal session so were hitting the mountains. heres my clothing board for my family!

Blues and golds and creams? hopefully it will turn out the way that i'm envisioning in my head. I didn't have enough time to order some of these items from the places i was originally planning so i went online and searched for a few things that were similar on amazon and i think they are going to work out well!

Heres the links to all of the things that i bought for our session! from top left to right:

Ill let you know how things go as we get the rest of everything, but I'm so excited for our own family session! And the dresses will be going in my client closet, so feel free to save this so you can put this dress in your own collage!

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