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Welcome you Mama Bear

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Let me be real here for a minute. This photo means so much to me. I had just had my third baby and my husband was full time school and full time work. Three five and under. I felt like I was drowning a little. And don't we all feel that way at some stage in our lives?!? Maybe you are able to cope better than I am, but sometimes I get stuck. The point being I remember this day vividly. The two older kids were running around fighting and hitting each other and it was freezing outside and I couldn't think of anything for them to do anymore (I didn't want to take my brand new baby out in that germ infested world if i didn't have to!) I was sitting on the floor in the hallway in between the master and kids room and in desperation is said "go jump on my bed." Both of them were like "WHAT?!?" Who lets their kids jump on their bed?!? Not me, not ever. But this time I did. And thats when I saw the light spilling into my room (can i say i miss my master bedroom terribly!!!! It had the most amazing light and my decorating was spot on to what I wanted it to be; I digress) . The point being, I got out my camera and while the littlest one laid on the floor watching the big blobs of children flying through the air, I shot memories. And though its only been a year I can feel everything from this photo and I miss how small she was! Where has my baby gone?

This is the whole reason why you Mama Bear, booked a family session. Don't you dare get too stressed in picking out outfits. Included in my session is a COMPLIMENTARY wardrobe dresser! She is fabulous at what she does! You can find her Here!

During your session make sure you don't get caught up in the fact that your kids are not acting like you want him to or your little sweetie pie who always smiles is not smiling. I will get good photos anyways; I always do. Just make sure that you yourself are being happy and smiling! As long as you make sure you look good I will make sure your kids look good too :)


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