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CLOSED:Central Utah Photo of the Year Contest

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

First of all let me say thank you to all of the people who entered this contest and for all of those who helped them win! I know it was a bit tricky at times to figure it out and this being my first contest, there were a few more bugs than I thought there would be, so THANK YOU for getting your hands dirty!!!

Now onto the good part!

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS!!!!! I have been so anxious to find out who the winner was for this contest, its been killing me! The winner of a free session goes to CHALISE GAUDIO!!! And since today is such a special day, Im giving away more then I had mentioned. Second place winner is Megs.Busk who will recieve $100 off a session, and tied for third place goes to smallfrymel6 and melissa2110! You two winners recieve $50 off a sesion! Enterers will also recieve a small prize in their email boxes so make sure you check your junk and contact me to redeem! Thank you to all who signed up, played, and helped!

2017 is over! And to celebrate such a fantastic year and bring on the new year with a bang, I'm having a CONTEST!!! That's right!! I have never had one of these before! It's a photo of the year contest! It can be a picture of your kids, your family, your hubby, a landscape, your vacation, whatever your heart desires as long as you're in love with the photo! Post your photo below in the comments and then share on social media to have your family and friends like it! The most likes by January 21st will recieve a FREE SESSION!! This session can be any session except for a wedding, and if you want to use it towards a wedding and ppay the difference you are more than welcome to do that! It can be another photographers work if the person in the photo is you or a member of your family, or it can be your own work. Limit: one entry per person. Session can be within a 15 mile radius of Richfield, utah.

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