Wedding Venues in Central Utah: Part one: Who do I use for my Wedding?

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

#1: Spring Farm, Spring City Utah

"Spring Farm brings people together, away from the hustle and bustle, allowing them to simply focus on celebrating special events. The beauty of the countryside and our unique farm setting is the perfect backdrop for weddings." -spring farms website

This place is the perfect reception venue for a wedding that has taken place at the temple. Its stunning, classic, timeless, and is only a twenty minute drive north of the temple! Just something to think about ;) Nothing can beat this location even if youre not getting married in the temple. Its to die for.

Spring Farm wedding venue by Manti Temple

2. Wildland Gardens, Joseph Utah

Now this place is just up and coming; under new management with plans to expand and have just added wedding events to their beautiful gardens. I'm excited to see what happens there!

These two are what I have come across so far...If you have any others in the Central Utah area that you've found please message me to add them to my list!

central Utah wedding venue list

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