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How to Rock your formal session

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

First of all, what is a formal session? A formal session is the new "IN" instead of a bridal session. 10 years ago when I was getting married I begged the photographer and my mother to let my Fiance tag along for some epic photos because we went to a pretty gorgeous location, but no one would listen to me. And where are all of those photos now? Actually, I couldn't even tell you. They don't have the man of my life in any of them so why would i put them on my walls? The whole point of a formal session is that you both relive those memories together on the wall forever. It's you in your wedding dress, your fiance in his tux, and an epic location.

So let's talk about how to get ready for your formal session. Honestly, this is where i would spend a lot of my time. Seriously, these are the photos you blow up and hang on your walls. Lets go over a few things that some things that make a difference.

1-Bouquet: this is the bouquet that I would make the biggest and prettiest out of all of your bouquets.

2-make-up: if you decide you want to do your own makeup, just realize that your face blows out a little in camera. 30% more makeup makes up the difference. AND fake eyelashes. Don't forget those suckers. They make the world of a difference.

3-Help: it makes the session go so much smoother if your mom, sister, or friend, comes along to help. Their job is to hold your bouquet when you're not using it, fluff up your dress, fix your hair when you need it....that sort of thing. Whoever you ask you come.

-If a formal session at a separate time and place cannot happen, no fear! Just make sure when you're setting up your schedule, take into account when the best time for formal photos would be. The most optimal time for your formal photos would be an hour and a half before the sun sets. Message me and i can help you figure that exact time out for your location!

Above all have fun! You know this will turn out perfect!


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