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How to have an epic sparkler exit

Updated: Mar 19

DISCLAIMER: I'm putting this at the beginning so that ya'll know that i will not take any responsibility for what happens to you or anyone at your sparkler exit. Sparklers are afterall fireworks and should be used with the utmost caution and following the guidelines listed on the package should always be followed. With that being said, Ill proceed with my post ;)

Sparkler exits are my most favorite exits to shoot! They add the last bit of excitement to the end of the night that all weddings need! With that being said, here are a few pointers to making your sparkler exit go as smooth as possible and is fantastic!

1- When buying sparklers for your big event, make sure you buy the extra long ones. We all know that fire is extremely dangerous, and it may take a few moments to get your whole line lit. Also, don't buy the cheap ones. You don't want to be sending someone to the emergency room right as your leaving.

2- Plan to have those suckers lit quick! Either bring lots of tea lights that can be passed down or more than a people as your designated lighters! This will make for a quick exit and all of your sparklers to be going at the same time! I've been to a few where they didn't think of this, and the front half was out by the time the back half was lit and there wasn't as much magic!

3-Walk slowly down the sparkler isle. If all goes to plan, you'll have enough time to spare plus some! This will give me enough time to nail your epic escape! Like I said, this is where the magic happens.

4-I also know sometimes we're tempted to be lead by our new spouse especially if you feel a little cramped, but try to stay semi on the same plane as your man. I will try to space everyone far enough apart that you both can get by without getting burnt and close enough that you still are walking through an exit!

4- Stop half way down the sparkler isle and give each other a little smooch! Even a dip will do! Or hold each other's hands up above your head as you're walking and scream, "YYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!" You got this! You go love birds! You are starting the rest of your life together and this is the best photo of the night!

5- Make sure you have a place to put the your sparklers after they have been used. A bucket of sand usually works best! Again, fire safety and all. No need for a loose last spark to fly and cause another reason for you to not leave. Or someone to end up in the emergency room.

I'm super excited for your day! I know it's going to be epic and magical and everything you could ever hope for!


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