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Updated: Sep 24, 2018

SO I Have decided to do a 52 week photo project and what better way to keep me on track then telling everyone. Ill be updating this post with my whole years' worth of photos so stayed tuned! I Hope you love them!

Week 1: Self Portrait: Like most photographers I prefer to be behind the camera but this is me. I am a momma, wife, maid, chouffer, artist, avid exercise enthusiest, a painter, seat, balloon blower, lover of magic, romance novels, and chocolate.

Week 2: White. Today was our first snow day. I thought, "how perfect! Snow is white! This will make it!" But snow makes magical bokeh and my six year old is pure and innocent and white. He is pure, honest, and eager to learn what is right and wrong. He still believes in all things magical and I love everything about him. He makes me be a better person and I'm so grateful for what white represents. #wishproject52

Week 3: Stars- This one was a tough one. I thought long and hard about what I wanted this to represent. As you all know, artists speak more through feeling and I really am one of few words when it comes to trying to express myself but I came across these two talks You Matter to Him and Worlds Without Number and they expressed everything I was trying to say and more.

"And worlds withouth number have I created...and by the son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten" (Moses 1:33) The God we worship is more powerful than we can comprehend and the more that we learn, the more incredible our view of God's creations becomes. "knowing all of this, should we not gladly obey his counsel and, with eagerness, receive the ordinances and covenants that will guide us to eternal life with him?" I'm leading, guiding, and trying to walk beside him with my children in hand so that we may all one day comprehend the promise of exaltation-worlds without end, that he has so amazingly promised to us.

Week 4: connected. This little bug is connected to my body; and my soul. She does not leave my side even when she sleeps. She is my third best friend (Heavenly Father, my husband and then her) I am so grateful that she made her way into our family and into my arms. I would not be nearly as cuddled without her.

Week 5. Pastel. I chose the medium pastel instead of the color and I'm so glad that I did. My daughter is going to be an artist one day. So today I let her use my "special crayons". They were so much fun. I taught her all about blending with your fingers and she figured out how like colors look when they are blended in a line. She' s brilliant, or maybe I'm biased. ;)

week 6: Bedtime. Fighting the night, he's always looking for the light; ways to make the day a little bit longer.

Week 7: Happiness. I love his sense of happiness. He can find happiness in the littlest things.

week 8: Floral. This little princess is best represented by this image. She is bubbly, happy, and colorful in everything that she does. She is a little spitfire- but in a good way ;)

Week 9: storybook. We love anything fairytale in our house but our favorite this year is little read riding hood. In all different versions. Red is her favorite color

spring and watermelon in Utah

Week 10: Fruit. It was still kind of cold in central Utah but new puppies and watermelon go hand in hand.

Week 11: Jewel. This photo was a long time coming. Or shall I say it took me awhile to get it. I used a jewel from an antique chandelier to capture those sun refractions and thought that this would be the most perfect way to represent jewels but then I realized that I was missing the much deeper jewel in this photo. This is my brand new sister. I'm so excited that she has chosen my brother to spend eternity with because I think she is so amazing! So grateful for all that you have brought and will bring to our family meagan!

Week 12: musical. He looks sad in this photo because he really is...he had to go cool down in his room but when I ask them to go in there they always hang out in the doorway with a toy (the problems of living in a basement right now!)

week 13: she is such a princess. She loves to get dolled up and take pictures, but my most favorite is when she gets tired at the very end and stares off into the distance waiting patiently for me to finish.

week 14: Blue. I know this man lives in red and black for his work and will always "bleed red" as he says, but when I think of him and my most most favorite color on him its this.

week 15: Smoke. I'm having the hardest time putting into words what I feel but this photo means a lot more than just a crappily done smoke bomb. He's sacrificed all of his time for the last year building our house; putting in over 80 hours a week to make it possible. He's kind and loving and still makes time to let our kids know he loves them. and through it all he's there for me as well. He's kept me going. He was beside me while I delivered our little baby boy who grew to his second trimester. He held me while I cried over the loss of him. We're in a smoke of trials and tribulations but he's always there and making me smile among the way.

Week 16: shadow. I know that I do a lot a moody images but I can't seem to ever make images of her too dark. I don't know what I would do without the loves and cuddles and kisses and midnight wrap arounds. she makes the darkest shadows into great light and wonderful highlights.

week 17: upside down. When I was thinking of this I thought of reflections... this reflection reflects the experience that comes in the temple... of being connected for time and all eternity.

week 18: grey. This little guy knows no grey areas. He is a black and white kind of man. (maybe he takes after his mother) I love the way he is becoming a little adult and slowly learning consequences and right and wrongs.

week 19: we worked on being clean this week. Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? first step to being clean is peeing in the potty so mommy doesn't have to wipe her.

week 20: Sunshine. We didn't brush our hair or wipe our face after dinner but at least we made it outside to ride bikes. Sometimes precious moments are made even when we forget to clean up after ourselves.. especially when you get to go home and take a warm bath.

week 21: monochromatic. This is the closest I could get to monochromatic. Gold tones right? We found this special light spot the other day and I told the girls that I wanted them to sit and read a book together in it when we got a chance. A asked for four days in a row when the light was going to be there and today she saw it. "get the book mom! Were doing our picture!" It caught me off guard at how well she remembered.

week 22: water. My dad is writing a book on how Judaism correlates with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and temples. It was the religion of Jesus when we was on this earth after all. We started by doing some rough run throughs to figure out what he wanted to do with the cover and this is what we came up with . Its pretty cool I think. When he finishes it, you should go buy one and read it. I know I will be!

week 22: Faceless 52 week photo project

week 23: faceless. This is another one that I have been dreaming up. Childhood is for running around and dancing like a princess in a field with your hair flying in the wind. I just wish the grass would have been soft enough to nuzzle in. Alas, we live in Central Utah with lots of sage brush and cactus. (Ironic that 5 minutes literally from here is the world's largest living aspen family thingy in fish lake).

week 23: framed my family's 52 week photography

Week 24: framed. He loves animals. He wants to be a zoologist who does tv shows. Every time he watches Netflix he asks to watch those documentary animal shows, and every other day he's telling me all of these weird facts about different creatures that are so out there that I feel like he's lying to me until i look it up! He has the brain of a sponge and I love him dearly.

Week 24: edges 2018 yearly photo project

week 25: Edge. This is her favorite place to be at bedtime. Always looking over the edge of her bed at her brother or trying to see what I'm editing from her little bed. Sidenote: Im working on putting in directional light when there isn't any really. Does it look believable??

week 26: sand. We play in the sand even when our fingers are as raspberry red as our dress.

week 27: childlike. We found this spot this summer and she said, "in our new house can we have one of these with this kind of tree? I want to do this everyday after school!" It made me happy. I wish that this particular house was for sale but sadly its not...and since were building it may be a few years before the willow tree we plant is big enough to put a tire swing in, but hopefully we will get it there before she graduates high school.

Week 28: pink. Pink sneakers complete every girls wardrobe. She said when she got them, "where have these been my whole life?!?!"

week 29: green. This was gooseberry when the wildflowers were out. We Came up for a session and while I played with a wonderfully cute little one year old and his mommy and daddy, my kids went exploring. Once we have our house built and have more time to be in nature, we will be heading to this spot to camp! It was gorgeous!

Week 30: Animals. Chickens make for the best pets. They live in the corner and we feed them so we can eat their eggs. No need to pet or play with them. As horrible as that sounds, thats my family's best and only pets.

Week 31: Orange. Don't mind our dirty fingernails, this is real life here. Even though the majority of us are girls, we still play in the dirt; a lot. This little lady loves oranges. She could eat them all day long everyday if she could so the first thing I thought of when I thought of the color orange was her eating habits. Though orange has never struck my fancy and I try to stay away from it, I feel like we had fun trying to get this shot.

Week 32: Air. I really was going for a cloudy day right before a storm kind of feel but when I looked at the weather for our area in central Utah all I could find was sun. Sun for days and days and weeks. So one night after dinner we went and bought balloons and went for a walk in the mountains. Everyone had to bring their favorite teddy bear for good measure.

Week 33: Simple. Once a week we paint nails. Because brother is at school now and we are all girls.

Week 34: Movie. One last movie outside before the nights become too crisp for comfort. Plus who can pass on classic Dr. Seuss.


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