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Look for the light

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Okay all you momma's out there. I think I want to start talking about how to make your photos amazing at home when your in between sessions with me ;) I know you all like to take pictures of your babies. I'm just now learning about all of the cool things light does with a camera, but my tips are to use the light to your advantage

and expose for that. This is our kitchen table. In the morning the sun is behind and to the right of this particular spot and there are these patches of harsh light that are "boxed" on the table. This is where I put Little Miss. I used to just expose for my subject's face no matter what and some of my photos would be overexposed in places. But I've been trying to use those highlighted areas differently lately. Expose for those spots and let the shadows follow. Don't be afraid of them!


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