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What to bring to your Family session

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Hey Girlie!!

Or if you are the hubby, hey.

I'm putting this together to help you out a little. Most important thing is to bring yourselves :) so no pressure if you don't bring anything else. BUT if you decide you want to go above and beyond, here are a few other things that may be wonderful.

-if you have a blanket that matches your outfits bring that. I usually try to put one sitting pose in your gallery and if you don't want to get dirty, this helps! This isn't just for sitting on though... some kids need a place to hang out and get warm especially in the fall/winter/spring months. I usually try to bring something but if you have one you know will match bring it.

- bring water bottles for your littles. Or one giant one to share if you're a sharing family :)

-Mom and older girls: I love me some fabulous high heels and wedges, but the spots I pick are very organic and undomesticated. I would suggest bringing shoes that are flat so that you can climb if need be, or even get muddy. Or bring some just in case you need to change into them to climb somewhere? Just a thought. :) Depending on the location (in spring/summer) you could even think about going bare foot! It sure makes things for laidback and organic. mmmmm.....its all in the details :)

-if you decide you want to bring a bribe, feel free! it always helps those little ones!

Dont stress at all though, if the day of your session comes and all you bring is your family! even if you have to go back home and pick up that third kid that you left downstairs watching a movie because you had to find a way to distract him and he was so quiet after that you forgot to put him in the car, you're winning! You got this!

As always, text or call or email me if you have any questions! I am here for you!


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