How to look GORGEOUS in your Family Photos!

Updated: Feb 24

you are gorgeous the way you are, girl. you are beautiful with your hair up it your hair down, with makeup on, or without it.

I don’t feel like you have to get your hair done or make up done by someone professional, i want you to look like you. But if you decide you want to accentuate a few of your amazing traits, these are some things that i do to help myself when I’m in front of the camera.

I have a thing with hair. Mine is super thin in all the wrong ways so If you decide you want to work on your hair, here’s some tricks:

Hair- I always try to make my hair a tiny bit bigger than usual. You want it to look as amazing as it does when you walk out the door and to do that you need to accentuate it so that it works for you during your session. There are three things you can do.

-Crimp it: I know how weird this sounds. lift up the top pieces of your hair enough that when you lay it back down you won't be able to see the crimped pieces underneath. Crimp that whole ridgeline all of the way around your head. It will give it some volume AND you still will be able to run your fingers through your hair!

-Tease it: When I tease my hair I always do it in little incriments. Make sure you have that top layer untouched again so you have lay it over it. and spray it with hairspray. If you have super fine hair like I do it really helps it to stay in nice. Make sure you comb it after so it looks natural as well.

-Extensions: I get mine at sally's. They're clip ins. If you're wanting it to be a little longer than your hair right now (some years I just feel like I need to look like I have more than I currently have and I think that's okay! Especially the one year I got my hair cut and instantly regretted it, ha) Buy yourself two packs of hair. You'll need it if you’re wanting A whole head of hair. You'll love it. You won't be able to tell during your session at all. I promise. Watch this tutorial on how to put them in. I would do a test run so you're not too stressed the day of but this one is my favorite. Especially after having a baby and losing SO MUCH hair.


-Eyelashes: Iive been using babelash guys, and it’s been everything I’ve wanted and More! So if you’re wanting longer lashes all of the time that are YOUR lashes, buy them now! And use them for a month before your session and you won’t regret it.

if you don’t want something for everyday, the magnetic ones are the next thing i would suggest. Check out this tutorial/hack, and make sure that you take note that she puts mascara on after to blend them.

A photo of me, Right after I got my hair CHOPPED. Thank goodness for extensions :) I also have fake eyelashes on...I know, you can't even tell! It makes me just look like a lady. But that's what you want. To be the most gorgeous you are everyday of the year.

I hope these little tips help you feel like the babe you deserve to be! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to text me!

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