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What to Bring to your Newborn Session

My style is pretty simple. I love white and neutrals and woods. I love things that are sentimental and antique. If you have something that means a lot to you or that has been in your family for ages and you think that it could work in our session, bring it and we can try it out! But maybe have your husband carry it into my studio or hollar at me from your car door and ill carry it. I really, truly believe that new momas heal a lot quicker when they just let their body heal. Now that i'm on my soap box, let me jump down.

Make sure you bring yourself some water. Our session can last up to 3 hours and if you're nursing you know how much you need to keep yourself hydrated.

Bring your comfy clothes! If you're planning on doing some extra family photos of you and baby, thats great! Good on you for being motivated to get ready! But don't put yourself through agony of wearing those nice clothes for another three hours; make sure you bring an extra set of comfy clothes to snuggle down into. I have a really comfy oversized chair that is perfect for you. IF you are just doing a session for your precious little snuggly, make sure you're wearing your comfy clothes, preferably some that are okay getting peed on :)


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