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How to get ready for your baby's newborn session

Updated: Mar 6

Hey there gorgeous mamma!

So there are are few things we can do before hand to help our session run more smooth when you get here. Babies sleep best when they're 1. tired, 2. full.

So to help make your session go smooth I ask that you try to keep baby awake a little bit before you come. Some mommas like to give their baby a little bath; that always helps keep them awake. As for feeding, if you want to give them their big feed right before you come that will also help speed up to process of moving right into our sets.

If you're a formula feeding momma if you don't mind bringing an extra bottle, that would be great! most babies need a top of half way through and it helps speed up the process. If you're breastfeeding your babe, I know you'll bring that with ya so we're good on that front, but you can also bring a pumped bottle just in case if you want as well. It just makes it all move a little smoother. No pressure if you don't though. I don't ever want you to feel rushed when you're feeding your baby.

I know sometimes we just don't have the time or the energy to get any of it done though so don't stress if you don't. It just makes it that much easier to get a super sleepy setup with your baby that much faster :)


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