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Basketball Photos

Your child's photos have been edited and added into the online gallery. Please log into the site that was texted to you and use your advance pay credit to check out and have your photo shipped to your house! If you need a step by step video on how to order visit my stories on IG! @laurenbakerphotography.

NOTE: If you have started checking out and your credit is not loaded, make sure in step three that you have added your phone number. It will send you a text with the code that you need to enter into the system to checkout. Feel free to text me and I will help you with anything!!! 


Please find the access code next to your child's grade:
k/1st grade:           PGAE69924
2nd grade:             PGAF55686
3/4th grade GIRLS: PGVA57538
5/6th grade GIRLS: PGVK46548
7/8th grade GIRLS: PGJY57425
3rd grade BOYS:    PGVE69227
4th grade BOYS:     PGWM44567
5th grade BOYS:     PGYH66279
6th grade BOYS:     PGXA83968
7/8th grade BOYS: PGNP86962 
Text code number to: 90738
before your assigned photo time


If you have multiple children subscribe to each grade's access code. 

Above are the different packages that are available. A $5 credit is available for Advance Pay (think gift card) at time of services rendered. This does not mean you have to buy a package now, you get a discount for purchasing it now and redeeming it once the photos are uploaded.  

You will receive a text message alerting you that your photos are ready to purchase a week after your session. Click the link and follow the prompts. Your advanced Pay credit will be attached to your phone number and will upload at time of purchase.  From here you can choose the package and digital images (in Al la carte) that you're wanting and apply that discount code for $5 off (you will receive it in a text). Once you purchase, your items will be shipped directly to your house.
Feel free to text or email me if you have any questions.  

(435) 201-7866


2/9: 5th grade girls RHMS

2/14: 5th grade boys RHMS

2/15: 6th grade boys RHMS

2/16: 4th grade boys PAHVANT

2/23: 7/8th grade boys RHS3


All photos will be taken 20 minutes before your game on the dates provided in the hallway or RHMS's lunchroom right outside the gym.

Digital photos: $15 per image 
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